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Hiking Checklist: 7 Essential Items to Take on a Hike

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Fall has officially arrived, which means we can unashamedly obsess over pumpkin flavored everything. Not only is this season great for pumpkin flavors and football games, but it also provides great weather to enjoy the outdoors. With manageable temperatures and beautiful colors, fall is the perfect time to get out and smell the fresh air. A great way to do so is by planning a family hike or a trail walk! We’ve compiled a list of essential items to bring on a hike to make planning this adventure easier:

1. Backpack
This item is a no brainer. In order to carry things for you and your family on the trail, you will most definitely need something to put them in. One or two backpacks are all you need for securing your belongings throughout the hike. Now, what to put in those backpacks?


2. Food and Water
These may be the most important items on this list. Hydration and energy are key for any physical activity. The duration of the hike will indicate how much food and water you should pack. For shorter hikes, a few water bottles and small snacks, like granola bars, should suffice. For longer hikes, adding more water and additional food, like ready-made sandwiches, would be ideal to keep you and your family happy and healthy throughout the day. 


3. Proper Footwear
It’s never enjoyable walking long distances while your feet hurt. Hiking boots or other shoes suited for a mountainous terrain are recommended on the trails. These will help keep your feet safe and comfortable while trekking along rocks, tree roots, and anything else the trail may hold.


5. Proper Clothing
Depending on where you’re hiking will determine what attire you should bring. If you’re hiking in a cooler climate, a jacket and gloves may be beneficial. For warmer weather, microfiber polyester (performance wear) clothes are great for absorbing sweat and keeping you cool. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on weather predictions prior to the hike so you can pack a raincoat in the event of rain in the forecast. Another thing to keep in mind is bringing along a change of clothes for after the hike. These don’t have to go on the trail with you, but they’ll be useful for when you’re done.


5. Small First Aid Kit
The number one concern while hiking should always be safety. You should definitely consider bringing along a basic first aid kit that includes items like bandaids, bandages, gauze wrap, antiseptic towelettes, pain relievers, sunscreen, and insect repellent to name a few. Having these items will certainly be handy on your adventure, whether they get used or not.


6. Camera
It’s never a bad idea to document any adventure. And let’s face it, it’s 2018 and everyone is constantly looking for a social media moment, which you’re bound to find on a hike. But documentation is so much more than social media and more than the present. When you’re creating fun memories, taking photos will allow you to easily access and relive all of those memories later in life. Who doesn’t love digging up old photographs and reminiscing about years past? For that reason, a camera is the perfect addition to your hiking gear.


7. Remodeez
Between mother nature and physical activity, hiking is bound to be accompanied by a few unwanted scents. Having remodeez in your bag will be great for eliminating odors post-hike. After changing your clothes, you can throw one in the bag with your dirty hiking attire and add a couple to your hiking boots to create a comfortable, odor-free drive home. Nothing is worse than a long, stinky car ride!


Well, there you have it. These recommendations are not necessary for a hike, but will definitely make the hike easier and more enjoyable. If you plan any hiking trips this Fall, we'd love see photos of your adventure. Use #remodeez to share them with us!

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