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remodeez patented design makes it the only product on the market that neutralizes smell using natural ingredients. Chemical-free. Natural. Effective.

Footwear Deodorizer

United States: D716434 
European Union: 002538272-0003, 002538272-0006, 002538272-0007 
Australia: 357852, 362162 Mexico: 
Patents pending

Home Deodorizer

United States: D732651 
European Union: 002538272-0002, 002538272-0004 
Australia: 357860, 362161, 362704 
Mexico: Patents pending

On The Go Deodorizer

United States: Patents pending
European Union: 002538272-0001, 002538272-0005 
Australia: 357862, 362705, 362706 
Mexico: Patents pending

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