who we are

remodeez removes odor and moisture at its source. It was created by people like you who want smart products that work well and are safe to use around kids, pets and is environmentally-friendly.

Founder and serial entrepreneur Jason Jacobs sparked on the idea for remodeez when he was traveling and needed an easy and effective way to keep his clothes and running shoes fresh while on the road. Frustrated that his only options were loaded with toxic chemicals and cheap fragrances, Jason employed his engineering mind and got to work on creating a streamlined, safe, and non-toxic solution. Jason partnered with consumer product genius Richard Smiedt (co-founder of bobble) to make sure that this solution was not only smart and healthy, but iconic and enticing as well. And so, remodeez was born.

remodeez is a veteran owned company and a portion of our profits will go to help returning veterans through Patriot Charities of Charlotte NC.

Through innovative design and natural odor absorption, we are on a mission to outsmart smell.

Place remodeez in your shoes, gym bag, home, luggage, car or wherever odors lurk.