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The Sports Bundle is designed to help you save money while effectively removing the odors and moisture in your sports equipment.

Works great on all of your smelly hockey, soccer, football, boxing, baseball/softball and any other sports gear.

The Sports Bundle includes: 1 35g deodorizing pack for cleats, skates, boots and all other sports footwear (2 35g remodeez per pack), 1 25g deodorizing pack for gloves, helmets, pads and protective gear (2 25g remodeez per pack), and 1 50g deodorizing pack for bags and backpacks (1 50g remodeez per pack).

1 x home deodorizer   +$8.33
1 x on the go deodorizer   +$8.33
1 x footwear deodorizer   +$8.33

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Price as configured: $0.00

Non-toxic and odorless. Made from activated charcoal derived from coconut husks.

Directions: Place remodeez where odors lurk in your sports gear and let it go to work. remodeez will last up to one year. Place in the sun montly to recharge.


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